This blog is where I share my thoughts as I go on studying language as a tool of creation, perception and communication. Because university studies are a good start, but they offer way too little time for such a complex and large field. It’s part of my work as a free translator, content writer and editor – basically a text designer really – but it doesn’t stop there. Language is everywhere. Language is how we make sense of the world around us. So join me in discovering some sense in this wonderful chaotic universe of information and impressions we all live in!

No|Blah is currently a one-woman project and being written by Austria-based translator and text designer Stephanie, who came from western Germany via Ireland and found a current home in a small town in lower Austria. As I am living the diversity, fluidity and mobility that characterize language itself also as my personal lifestyle, I am a known victim of what we commonly call “the travel bug” – and happily so! While that means I’ll probably never sit at the senior desk in a leading company’s largest office, it also means I get to choose whatever I want as my office. Every day.  Today in my favorite café, tomorrow in the park and if I feel like a change I might just go and sink into the beanbag chair on my roof terrace. How awesome is that? I’ll tell you: it’s pretty awesome – because modern information infrastructure allows me to work with my clients, write my texts or research background info wherever there’s an internet connection. If I get the blues and feel like I need a change of scenery, but have no time for a holiday? No problem. There’s an awful lot of places with freely accessible internet connection…The upside for my clients: A high level of approachability and a text output that constantly profits from high spirits and inspiring work locations! I’d say that’s a clear win-win situation 🙂

(If this sounds like exactly the fresh approach you need for an outstanding text project of yours, then please go ahead and contact me! I’ve translated everything from academic texts over company websites to Lua plugins, TV subtitles and game captions. Most of my content writing is about outdoor sports and hiking. But I have truly written about a lot of topics across the board already. I’m sure your text fits right in.)