Every Journey Starts With A First…Word :)


Granted, that is not the exactly how Lao-Tzu phrased it. But it’s how my journey starts.

Hi. I’m Stephanie and I think language is just about the most interesting, funny and exciting thing in the world. Coming to think about it – language may very well be the core design feature of what we call “world”, “self” and “life”.

In this blog I am going to share my impressions, experiences and reflections as I set out to keep tabs on how specifically language affects my life (and probably yours, too). As a studied linguist I am going to present you with basic concepts of the most interesting theories in linguistic science (no worries, this is a personal blog, not a thesis so it’s all going to appear in a decluttered style). As a regular young woman I’m gonna report about trivial and spontaneous everyday finds. As a known victim of the “travel bug” I’m probably going to mix in a fair blend of daydreaming as well^^ Good that language is so incredibly versatile that it allows for about a trillion exciting angles and easily accommodates every version of me and each of their interests!

The challenging – but also liberating – thing about journeys is that their course is spontaneous and refreshingly non-predefined in most cases. For me that means I do not limit myself to academic theories nor to written language or pictorial communication. I’ll just do whatever I want and figure it out along the way. You are very welcome to accompany me on my discovery tour or even actively take part by commenting and inspiring me with topics you are interested in!